Is Grief Only Related to Death?

Recently I gave a talk about grief to a local group.  At the end of the talk I was approached by a lady who told me that she had never associated the painful emotions she felt after her divorce as being grief.  Listening to the information I shared during my presentation, she now recognised that what she had been through was grief for her relationship that had died.  This isn’t the first time that I have heard a story like this.  Quite often people only associate grief with someone having died.  The reality is that there are over 40 life events that cause us to feel

When a Past Relationship Gets in the Way of Happiness

40 to 50% of marriages now end in divorce

Every romantic relationship brings with it hopes, dreams and expectations.  If the relationship ends or changes; these hopes dreams and expectations can be crushed.

This is why it’s so important to complete what was emotionally unfinished in your last relationship so you don’t take it into your next one.

If you think your past relationship getting in the way of your current one, contact me.  The Grief Recovery Method® helps you to move on from unsuccessful past relationships making room for the love of your life